1800 / 1860, Iran

Given by T. S. W. Jarvis, Esq.
18 cm (length)
8 cm (width)
Production time
Production place
Type of object


Middle East, Textile; Dress fabric of brocaded silk satin and metal thread, Iran, 1800-1860 Dress fabric of brocaded silk satin and metal thread. Woven and brocaded silk, satin ground, twill binding. Warp: blue silk, indeterminable twist. Weft: silk: blue, green, dark pink, all indeterminable twist. Metal thread: silver-gilt strip open and close S-wound on a yellow silk core, indeterminable twist. Deep blue ground with four rows, almost offset, of an isolated composite motif of an elongated trefoil leaf in yellow/silver thread edged in deep pink. At the top three small leaves point upwards towards a small trefoil, while the main leaf points down into an indeterminable shaped edged with green silk with a U-shaped design to one side. The motif's direction changes in alternate rows.