FEC.LOST 98/15/4.22
23.5 cm (height)
13 cm (width)
Production time
Production place
Type of object


A silk, woven, patterned lampas. A ground of irregular weave where 2, double, lines of 6 end satin alternate with 2, double, lines of complicated twill ( The pattern is created using lance effects of the supplementary coloured wefts. The design is of tree branches, birds (some wearing hats, some holding small purse like motifs) above a fence with foliage beneath it. The pattern is bound on the front by the binding warp in a plain weave over ½ of the [double] warp ends. The fragment has the base edge and one side of selvedge. On the reverse Japanese characters are written onto a strip of the fabric using pink paint. Warp Ratio 2 (doubles):1 1) ground silk, x-ply, S twist, double yellow app. 92 ends cm 2) binding silk, 1 ply, no evidence of twist cream Weft Ratio 1:1 (all supplementary) 1) ground silk, x-ply, sight S twist, double yellow app. 48 picks cm 2) supplementary lance a) silk, x-ply, no evidence of twist light blue, white b) silk, x-ply, no evidence of twist, double and Z twisted together, some slub, maroon c) gilded paper - metallic (gold alloy?) paper strips (lined one side only) Fragment of woven, patterned silk. Lampas. Japan, 19th century.