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64 cm (width)
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Subhuti (Rab.'byor), Apostle of Sakyamuni; Religion, Shigatse Tibet, C17 Tangka temple painting showing in the middle the well known Apostle (Tib. Gnas.brtan) of Sakyamuni Buddha, Subhuti (Rab.byor) preaching to those inveterate enemies, the Nagas and the Garudas, whom he reconciled at last. He was born at Sravasti (Sahet Mahet), N.W.Provinces of India and had himself been a Naga in a former life. He was consecrated by Buddha's spiritual power, became an Arhat, his hair and beard were miraculously shaved and a holy mendicants's robe was thrown over his person. When the Prajna-Paramita was delivered by the Buddha on the Gridhrakuta Parvata, Subhuti served him as chief catechist. The gods of the Four Quarters, who brought the sea by their magic to Subhuti's feet, are seen in the lower left corner. Above, Subhuti is being received by the Buddha, and he is seen again to the right seated in a rocky cave. On the left is Maudgalyayana seated on a lotus, and turned in reverence towards the Buddha.